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The Persons Of The Play 

Lord Illingworth Sir John Pontefract Lord Alfred Rufford Mr. Kelvil, M.P. The Ven. Archdeacon Daubeny, D.D. Gerald Arbuthnot Farquhar, Butler Francis, Footman Lady Hunstanton Lady Caroline Pontefract Lady Stutfield Mrs. Allonby Miss Hester Worsley Alice, Maid Mrs. Arbuthnot

TIME: The Present. PLACE: The Shires.

The action of the play takes place within twenty-four hours.


Lessee and Manager: Mr. H Beerbohm Tree April 19th, 1893

Lord Illingworth, Mr. Tree Sir John Pontefract, Mr. E. Holman Clark Lord Alfred Rufford, Mr. Ernest Lawford Mr. Kelvil, M.P., Mr. Charles Allan. The Ven. Archdeacon Daubeny, D.D., Mr. Kemble Gerald Arbuthnot, Mr. Terry Farquhar, Butler, Mr. Hay Francis, Footman, Mr. Montague Lady Hunstanton, Miss Rose Leclercq Lady Caroline Pontefract, Miss Le Thiere Lady Stutfield, Miss Blanche Horlock Mrs. Allonby, Mrs. Tree Miss Hester Worsley, Miss Julia Neilson Alice, Maid, Miss Kelly Mrs. Arbuthnot, Mrs. Bernard-Beere

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