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ACT I. The Octagon Room in Sir Robert Chiltern's House in GrosvenorSquare. ACT II. Morning-room in Sir Robert Chiltern's House. ACT III. The Library of Lord Goring's House in Curzon Street. ACT IV. Same as Act II.

TIME: The Present PLACE: London.

The action of the play is completed within twenty-four hours.


Sole Lessee: Mr. Herbert Beerbohm Tree Managers: Mr. Lewis Waller and Mr. H. H. Morell January 3rd, 1895

THE EARL OF CAVERSHAM, Mr. Alfred Bishop. VISCOUNT GORING, Mr. Charles H. Hawtrey. SIR ROBERT CHILTERN, Mr. Lewis Waller. VICOMTE DE NANJAC, Mr. Cosmo Stuart. MR. MONTFORD, Mr. Harry Stanford. PHIPPS, Mr. C. H. Brookfield. MASON, Mr. H. Deane. JAMES, Mr. Charles Meyrick. HAROLD, Mr. Goodhart. LADY CHILTERN, Miss Julia Neilson. LADY MARKBY, Miss Fanny Brough. COUNTESS OF BASILDON, Miss Vane Featherston. MRS. MARCHMONT, Miss Helen Forsyth. MISS MABEL CHILTERN, Miss Maud Millet. MRS. CHEVELEY, Miss Florence West.

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